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Site is back
I closed this site about a year ago, because I felt it took too much energy (in combination with other online stuff as well). But since I kinda liked the whole design, I put it back up again. It might have some issues with modern day browsers. So be it. I also removed the albums, which can be found on my new site.
What's this site all about?
Mainly, this site is about me. Generally showing what I create and think.
In further detail:
I love making 3D renders and taking pictures, sometimes photoshopping 'em as well. So I have a lot of those here.
I have my news/blog page where you can read stuff about my life and thoughts.
I have several photoalbums of events or certain themes I show on this site.
If you're really interested, there's also more information about me.
So, just take a look around, I hope you see or read some interesting things. If you get bored, I'm sure you can find an interesting link here
Please leave a message in my guestbook if you like =)
Have a great day!
Balance is all around us.
Like 5.1 surround sound. ^_^